13 Unbelievable Letter U Crafts & Activities (2024)

Unbelievable Letter U crafts are up next! Umbrella, unicorns, unicycles, up, under, are all unbelievable U words. We are continuing our preschool alphabet learning series with Letter U crafts and Activities. These are great to practice letter recognition and writing skill building that works well at home or in the classroom.

13 Unbelievable Letter U Crafts & Activities (1)

Learning the Letter U Through Crafts & Activities

These awesome letter U crafts and activities are perfect for kids ages 2-5. These fun letter alphabet crafts are a great way to teach your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener their letters. So grab your paper, glue stick, and crayons and start learning the letter U!

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Letter U Crafts For Kids

1. U is for Umbrella Craft

U is for umbrella with this simple craft. What fun letter u activities! Umbrella shapes are easy to make and even has a pipe cleaner handle. via Kids Activities Blog

2. Letter U Handprint Art

How adorable is this easy letter u handprint art. via Mommy Minutes

3. U is for Unicycle Craft

Build a unicycle out of foam sheets! Some of these craft ideas are so unique. What a fun way to learn the letter u. via Totally Tots

4. U is for Umbrella Suncatcher Craft

Use tissue paper to make letter u umbrella sun catchers. This is another one of our fun alphabet crafts. via The Measured Mom

5. U is for Paper Plate Umbrella Craft

Make an umbrella from a paper plate. via Happy Hooligans

6. U is for Unicorn Craft

U is for unicorn in this simple letter u craft. Educational activities with a hint of crafting fun! Learning doesn’t have to be boring. via The Princess and the Tot

7. U is for Underwater Craft

Handprints become fish when u is for underwater! These types of crafts help with letter recognition and word recognition since the picture isn’t always apparent. via Crystal and Comp

8. Letter U Printable Letter Craft

Make an umbrella bird with this free printable craft. via Learn Create Love

13 Unbelievable Letter U Crafts & Activities (2)

9. Letter U Paper Craft

Add fish and waves in this adorable letter u paper craft. via Crystal and Comp

10. Letter U Popsicle Stick Unicorns Craft

Make popsicle stick unicorns. via Glued to My Crafts

11. U Is For Up Craft

U is for up — make some hot air balloons! via Diapers to Diplomas

12. U is for Disney’s Up Craft

Create the house from the Disney movie, Up! This is among the few of our favorite letter u crafts. via RaisingWhAsians

Letter U Activities For Preschool

13. U is for Underground Creatures Activity

Study the creatures underground with this letter u activity. This is one of my favorite letter of the week activities because it doubles as a science activity as well. via Teaching Mama


Learn about the uppercase letters and lowercase letters with thisfun educational activity pack.They are a great activity for practicing fine motor skills as well as teaching young learners letter recognition and letter sounds. These printable activities has a little bit of everything needed for letter learning.


If you loved those fun letter u crafts then you’ll love these! We have even more alphabet craft ideas and letter u printable worksheets for kids. Most of these fun crafts are also great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners (ages 2-5).

  • Freeletter U tracing worksheets are perfect for reinforcing its uppercase letter and its lower case letter u. This is a great way to teach kids how to draw letters.
  • Upcycle starts with U, and showing kids how to upcycle old CD’s into crafts can help prevent waste.
  • Unicorn also starts with U, learn how to draw a unicorn!
  • Grab your crayons and color these 6 unicorn coloring pages.
  • We also have 20 unicorn facts for kids.
  • As well as a DIY unicorn puzzle printable for kids.
13 Unbelievable Letter U Crafts & Activities (3)


Looking for more alphabet crafts and free alphabet printables? Here are some great ways to learn the alphabet. These are great preschool crafts and preschool activities , but these would also be a fun craft for kindergarteners and toddlers as well.

  • Thesegummy letterscan be made at home and are the cutest abc gummies ever!
  • These free printableabc worksheetsare a fun way for preschoolers to develop fine motor skills and practice letter shape.
  • These super simple alphabet crafts andletter activities for toddlersare a great way to start learning abc’s.
  • Older kids and adults will love our printablezentangle alphabetcoloring pages.
  • Oh so manyalphabet activities for preschoolers!

Which letter u craft are you going to try first? Tell us which alphabet craft is your favorite!

13 Unbelievable Letter U Crafts & Activities (2024)
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