Happy Valentine's Day GIFs - 60 Animated Valentines (2024)

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USAGIF.com / Holidays

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for love confessions. Say the most important words, reinforcing them with animated GIF images! Here you’ll find 60 animated valentines for use on February fourteenth. Beautiful hearts, cupids, greeting cards with inscriptions for your loved one. Download for free!

Valentine’s Day GIFs

Cute teddy bear flies up on love balloons. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day in Paris in the arms of a loved one. Love is in the air

Shy hare gives his heart

Two angels hugging against the blue sky

Romantic lunch for a couple in love in the city of love

Two birds in love celebrating Valentine’s Day on a swing

The balloon of love takes us high to the skies

Loving couples of different animals

Pink greeting card for Valentine’s Day. The guy plays the guitar for the girl and her dog

Air kiss with love

A guy and a girl kiss on the background of the sun in the shape of a heart next to the trees of love

Cupid realizes that there is no job for him here. This couple already loves each other

Couple meets a love sunrise

Beautiful pink tree, lovers swing and hold a heart-shaped balloon

Couple in love riding a bicycle on valentines day

Cute kitty wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day with all her heart

A loving heart is so soft and vibrant. Beautiful declaration of love

Little fairy soars over Valentine’s Day greeting card

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you very much

Fireworks of hearts around a couple in love

Extravaganza around a beating heart

Big sparkling heart with a red inscription inside

Beautiful heart in blue fog

Beautiful shiny roses near the surface of the water. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Two golden rings and a beautiful heart. Greeting card for married lovers

Valentine’s Day in Italy sometimes involves eating spaghetti

Valentine’s day greeting card with teddy bear, roses and valentine

My heart Belongs to you. Happy Valentine’s Day! Transparent background

Something amorous happens down there

A shining heart-shaped crystal radiates the power of love and Valentine’s Day

Lovely heart-shaped diamond is a great Valentine’s Day gift

Your love is fuel for my heart

Two teddy bears are in love with each other on Valentine’s Day. I love you!

Hearts wash your declaration of love and best wishes for Valentine’s Day

Heart shaped electric discharges of love

Beautiful girl wishes you a Valentine’s Day full of love

Hearts fly up like bubbles in your champagne

Shiny heart with the inscription “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. Transparent background

The girl sends you a kiss and says Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ticket for two to the universe of love

Greeting card in gold and pink colors.

One beautiful rose for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Hearts and snowflakes appear and disappear. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you!

A kind girl stands on the background of the heart and sends you a kiss on Valentine’s Day

Many shiny hearts fly past the inscription

A heart radiating love on Valentine’s Day

A round dance of hearts around one big heart in the center. The inscription remains in place

Love is pouring from the sky in the form of hearts

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and passion, hot as fire. You will find all this on this GIF

Big red heart soars above the sea of ​​love

Heart shaped love flame

Heart is smiling and throbbing

Shiny white patterns and the inscription on a red background

Throbbing heart with an inscription on a transparent background

A gift full of love

The medallion opens, and then the child says, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Red packet with rose, diamond heart and holiday patterns.

On Valentine’s Day, I give you my heart

My heart is bleeding with unrequited love


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Happy Valentine's Day GIFs - 60 Animated Valentines (70)

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Happy Valentine's Day GIFs - 60 Animated Valentines (2024)
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