50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (2024)

Are you ready for Easter? This time of year we love to celebrate with cute bunnies, dyed Easter eggs, fluffy chicks,and lots and lots of fun activities. Check out these 50+ Easter Crafts and Activities that your kids will love! There are plenty oflearning printables for your little ones, fun ideas for games to play in the classroom, engaging crafts, and much, much more!

*Pair with our Easter Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (1)

Easter is the perfect time for some fun, hands-on crafts and learning activities. They are great for the classroom, learning centers, or family time at home as well!

Learning Printables

50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (2)

Practice CVC words with these fun matching Easter CVC puzzles.

Practice addition with theseprintable counting cards.

These Easter-themed math printables are so engaging!

Your students will have fun playing around with these Easter activity printables. / Easy Peasy and Fun

These tracing pages are great for pre-writing warm-up. / Trail of Colors

Practice fine motor skills and shapes with these cut and glue Easter worksheets. / Easy Peasy Learners

Uncover the hidden images on these color by number worksheets. / Itsy Bitsy Fun

Find your way out of these printable Easter mazes. / Artsy Momma

Print these matching puzzles and let the counting begin! / Simple Fun for Kids

I Spy printables are always fun. / School Time Snippets

Love playing with do-a-dots? Here is a pack of Easter do-a-dot worksheets. / Easy Peasy Learners

This is yet another wonderful Easter learning pack. / The Natural Homeschool

These easy sudoku puzzles are perfect for kindergarteners. / Gift of Curiosity

Practice all kinds of basic skills with these file folder games. / Itsy Bitsy Fun

Games and Activities

50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (3)

Make a DIY egg hunt number sense game.

Set up a letter matching sensory bin.

Lacing cards are great for working on fine motor skills.

This is such a fun idea for a play dough kit.

Setting up a classroom party? We have quite a few ideas for Easter snacks.

Surprise your students with DIY simple Easter baskets.

These printable lacing cards are fun too. / Living Life and Learning

The whole class will enjoy a game of bingo. / Pre-K Pages

Use plastic Easter eggs to set up an Easter memory game. / Happily Ever Mom

Are you a fan of minute to win it games? Here are a few Easter game ideas. / Little Bins for Little Hands

EasterCrafts and Art Projects

50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (4)

Got many plastic eggs? Want to do something non-Easter with them? Make this fun frog craft.

Make a fluffy cotton ball sheep craft. / Easy Peasy and Fun

How about making these craft stick carrots? / Easy Peasy and Fun

Or these craft stick chicks. So adorable! / Red Ted Art

Ever tried glue-resist art? These Easter eggs look amazing! / I Heart Crafty Things

Make handprint and footprint bunnies! / Fun HandprintArt Blog

Have the whole class wear bunny ears they make for themselves. / Artsy Momma

Marbling is such a fun art process and these marbled eggs are perfect for this season. / Kids Activities Blog

Pipe cleaners and pom poms make the best finger puppets. / Happy Hooligans

Sponge painting is super fun. / Buggy and Buddy

Have the students make their own Easter baskets. / Red Ted Art

Make colorful sun catchers to catch those sun rays. / There’s Just One Mommy

These colorful sun catchers are gorgeous. / hello, Wonderful

Have doilies? You can make the most colorful Easter egg craft with them. / A Little Pinch of Perfect

These Easter silhouettes will make wonderful wall decor for the classroom. / Easy Peasy and Fun

Coloring Pages

50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (5)

Count and color with these counting coloring pages. / Easy Peasy and Fun

Wish someone a happy Easter with this adorable coloring page. / Trail of Colors.

There are so many cool coloring pages in this Easter pack. / Itsy Bitsy Fun

Color all these kids and Easter eggs. / Simple Fun for Kids

How sweet are these little bunny coloring pages? / Kids Activities Blog

Here is another wonderful set. / Gift of Curiosity

Just want to color some eggs? Here is a nice set of egg coloring pages. /Kiddy Charts

And here are a few more. / Happiness is Homemade

This Easter bunny coloring page is the sweetest. / Kids Creative Chaos

Give a new dimension to coloring with these cut and paste coloring pages. / Kids Activities Blog

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50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (6)

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50+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids (2024)
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